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Note: The field mapping in your HubSpot enrichment is automatically updated on your HubSpot push integration field mapping.

Once you’ve connected your HubSpot and Slintel accounts, you need to map what fields you want to be enriched for new contacts/companies on your HubSpot account. 

Note: The Resync button fetches all your HubSpot fields to the Slintel field mapper. If you have created new fields on HubSpot and are not able to see it on the Slintel dashboard, clicking on Resync will update your fields. 

  1. Select the corresponding HubSpot field for each data point that you want to see enriched on HubSpot. You also have an Update Option where you can choose to:

    1.  Overwrite existing data on HubSpot, or

    2. Only fill if blank

  1. You have the option to add Technologies and Keywords fields to your HubSpot account too. Once you create these fields, make sure you resync to see these HubSpot fields in your Slintel account. You can also add/delete new fields as required by clicking on Add More Fields.


Note: If you don’t want Slintel to use any fields, you can always create a Custom Field with a single line/multi-line text field property and map that to the Slintel field. For e.g., you don’t want Slintel to update the default Country field, you can create a ‘Slintel_Country’ field and have us update that.

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