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Moving on, once you authenticate the connection with your Salesforce account, the Configuration, Field Mapping, and Enrichment tabs will appear on the window in the Slintel dashboard. Let's see how you can go about configuring your Salesforce integration. 

You can now choose to transfer leads, contacts, or accounts from your Slintel dashboard to your Salesforce account.

  1. Lead Settings

If you want to transfer leads to your Salesforce account, under the option “When I click Export (Salesforce) button” select “Create a Lead” from the dropdown menu. You can toggle the update button below that to update the leads on Salesforce as they get updated on slintel. 

New account linking and creation are not possible if you choose to transfer people as leads. The same is possible on Contact creation.

  1. Contact Settings

Choose “Create a Contact” from the same dropdown menu if you want to export people as contacts on your Salesforce account.

Here, you get an additional option to “automatically link (& create) accounts while a contact export” that will allow Slintel to create a new account if the account doesn’t exist on your Salesforce. And if the account already exists, it will allow Slintel to connect the contact to that account. 

  1. Account Settings

Toggle the “Update” button to Update Salesforce data when Companies are updated on Slintel.


  1. Source Settings

For ease of understanding, “Source” settings allow you to tag all the incoming Contacts and Accounts from Slintel. For example, to tag Contacts from Slintel, you can select contact source to be mapped to “Lead source” and enter “Slintel. 

Similarly, for Accounts, you can select a source to be mapped to the “Account Source” field, and enter Slintel.

You can also select from the “Update Source” button to enable this setting 

  • Only for newly created records

  • For all records created and updated by Slintel

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