In this article, you will learn how to enrich additional information about a list of leads that you already have through Lead smart list. 


  1. First, you need to create a Lead smart list; you can learn how to do that here. If you have a smart list in place, move along to Step #2. 

  2. Click on the Lists tab on your Slintel Dashboard. Next, under Enrich leads by uploading a CSV: either drag and drop a CSV file with the data, or click Upload.                                                                                                         


Note: To understand the kind of data that must be included in the CSV, click on Sample CSV. The CSV should contain the columns: 


  1. First_name

  2. Last_name

  3. Email

  4. Lead_titles

  5. Linkedin_url

  6. Company_name

  7. Company_website


Please map one of the three options for enrichment: 


  1. LinkedIn_url 

  2. Email 

  3. First_name and Last_name with Company_domain or Company_name




3. Once the CSV is uploaded, click Next


4. Make sure the Slintel Field is correctly mapped to the CSV Field. Click Next


5. If you want, you can click the Exclude Past Exports toggle button. Turning this on will exclude all records that were originally exported from the Slintel database from getting enriched. Click Done.


6. Lead enrichment complete! You can use filters to further slice this smart list.  Note: Downloading this list or exporting it to a CRM will cost you 1 credit per lead. 



To learn more about Lists: click here