Saving filters means you don't have to add your criteria to Slintel every time you log in. You can create saved filters for Leads and Companies. You can further share these filters with your team, or duplicate, rename or delete them. 


We are going to show you how to save a filter for Leads and Companies. The process for both the tabs is the same, so we will be showing you how to save these filters on the Leads tab. You can apply the same method to save filters for Companies too. 

Creating saved filters for Leads and Companies

  1. Click on the Discover tab on your dashboard, and then toggle the Lead/Companies tab. Here, we are selecting the Lead tab.

  2. To create a filter and save it, select all the filter criteria from the filter categories, and click on the "Save" button. If you want to change your selected criteria, click on the “Clear” button.

  1. You can either:

    1. Give your filter a name, and then click on save, or

  1. Replace an existing filter with this new filter criteria 

  1. Once done, click on “Save”. 

  2. You can now view these filters under the Saved Filters option. Click on Saved Filters. 

  1. Once here, you can click on the filter to apply it. You can even Duplicate, Rename or Delete the filter from the options button. 

  1. Further, you can even share this filter with your team by clicking on the share button. You can share it via email by entering the email address in the given space and clicking on “Share”. Or You can simply copy the link and share it with your team.