Welcome to your new Discovery tab! Now, instead of individual Lead and Company Insight tabs, we have one tab that lets you access both- the Discovery tab. 

What we wanted to achieve

Through the introduction of this new tab, we wanted to:

  • Make prospecting on the Slintel platform even easier for the end-user, which is you!

  • Quickly introduce new filters for companies, leads, tech & psychographic data, and create a frame that will support constant updates to the filters

  • Have all Lead and Company related data in one place so that you get an eagle-eye view

What we did

We combined our Lead and Company Insight pages to make one powerful engine with over 60+ filters. 

On this tab, you can apply multiple filters to find leads and companies that are the right fit for you. From here, you can dive deep into a particular record through detailed views for both, leads, and companies. You can further export this data, either to a CSV, your preferred CRM or to a List on the Slintel dashboard.