Slintel displays news articles for different categories in a newsfeed on the dashboard. Whether it's talking points or good ol' intel, we have you covered. We curate this newsfeed from news updates on the web ourselves to get you the most accurate and updated news possible. Here's how you can view it:


  1. Log into your Slintel Dashboard. 

  2. On your dashboard, go to the Newsfeed tab. 

  1. Here, you can see news updates for the below categories:

  • Funding

  • Acquisitions

  • Events

  • Partnerships

  • Expansions

  • Growth

  • Leadership Changes

  • Product Launches

  • Executive Movements

  • IPOs




  1. You can also view past news updates from a period of 3 months. Since we deliver handpicked important news to you, it takes us time to curate. So this data is not real-time and a day old at the most.

  1. To see details about the headline, click on the news update. You will be able to see a short description. You can also share the update, or click on it to visit the original news article this was picked from.