The Top Companies To Target tab tells you who is likely to buy your product according to buying signals from the company.


The intent score is a function of different buying signals according to their strength. Out of the six, three buying signals are calculated to make up the base score for company-level signals, and the other three are signals according to the category you chose under preferences.


The buying signals are:

  1. Last Funding Raised (Base Score)

  2. Growth In Job Postings (Base Score)

  3. Growth In Company Size (Base Score)

  4. Contract Renewals Coming Up

  5. Significant Budgetary spend in that category

  6. Other products used in the ecosystem


This is a great way to filter out companies that might not be ready to buy your product yet even though they have a need for it. Here's how you can view intent scores for companies you're interested in. 


  1.  Log into your Slintel Dashboard. On your dashboard, click on the “Top Companies To Target” tab.


  1. You will need to set Your Sales Preferences to view companies with their scores. To do this, click on "Add or edit" under “Edit Preferences”.  


  1. Here you can select the category, company size, target location, and target sector for the prospects you want to target. 


If you don’t select a category under “Preferences”, the intent score will only reflect the base score according to only three buying signals - Funding Raised, Job Postings, and Company Size Growth. You have to select a category in your preferences to be able to see all six of the buying signals under “Strength of Buying Signals”.

  1. Click on the “Save” button in the top right corner to save the categories.

  1. Once you save your preferences, you can see the intent score against the name of the companies. You can further select multiple categories in the “edit preferences” stage and see different companies according to different categories. 


There is a cut-off for intent score (set at 50) when you select a category under “Edit Preferences”. This means that only companies that have a higher score than the cut-off will show up when you go to a particular category. 


If you do not select a category, the base intent score will be shown which is decided according to 3 buying signals, not six. There is no cut-off for the base score. This means that if you do not select any category under preferences, all companies will show up in the list.