The amazing folks at Slintel wanted to improve upon your user experience and wanted to make prospecting even easier for you by combining the Lead and Company tabs and introducing a new look for the platform. Read on to find out what we wanted to achieve with this revamp, how we achieved it, the changes you’ll see on the platform, and what features you can expect in the future. Let’s dive right in. 

Why did we change up our look, and what did we set to achieve when we took upon this task?

  • Make prospecting on the Slintel platform even easier for the end-user

  • Establish an easier understanding of our data & represent the hierarchical structure of our data clearly to the customer

  • Provide a consistent & predictable design system for a better user experience for you

We achieved what we set out to do by:

  • Introducing new features like tab switch, better designs for our filters, and improving our Quick View

  • Introducing features like limiting lead flow to CRM, CSV, and List through the record selector, and more

  • Bringing a parent-child structure for filters like Sector & Industry, Function & Division, and more


Here is a complete list of what changed on the platform:

UI changes

  • Changed the UI for the complete dashboard

  • New Discover tab combining the Lead and Companies pages

  • Merged Company & Lead Insight pages into a single page with a tab layout

  • The “Pending Action” tab on the Leads and Companies tab is now “Net New"

  • Action bar on top of records table

  • Net New tabs for companies as well

  • Custom selection of records before taking bulk actions

  • Quick views for leads & companies

Filter changes

  • Changed Company Filter search functionality- from Name search to an ID-based search

  • Removed the EBITDA & Technology Deletion filters

  • Parent-child structure for filters like Sector & Industry, Function & Division
  • Duplicate option for saved filters


  • You can now custom select how many leads you want from each company

Looking ahead

We hope you like the changes we made to the platform and all the additional tweaks. Here is a complete list of self-help articles, and if you face any issues in navigating through the platform, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your CSM, or anyone from our team.