After authentication, you can configure your newly connected HubSpot account. Let’s see how.

Contact Settings
Slintel gives you an option to sync accounts corresponding to the exported prospects. For example, while exporting a prospect from Slintel’s Chrome extension, you have an option to export the company attached to that particular lead as an account in Hubspot.

However, this step isn’t mandatory. You can export a prospect or an account individually. 

Note: You can export prospects with or without accounts. However, you cannot export only accounts. 

Source mapping

You can tag all the incoming Contacts and Accounts from Slintel’s Chrome Extension in Hubspot. For example, to tag Contacts from Slintel, you can select the contact source to be mapped to ‘Became Lead’ from the drop-down menu.


Similarly, for Accounts, you can select a source to be mapped to any ‘Account Source’ field.

You can also select any one of the following ‘Update Source’ options to enable this setting:

  • Only for newly created records

  • For all records created and updated by Slintel

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