This article will show you how to gain insights into a company through Slintel’s Chrome Extension. 

If you haven’t installed the extension, you can get it here

Launch the Chrome extension 

Load a prospect’s website and click on Slintel’s Chrome Extension on your toolbar. 

You will see five tabs being discussed in this article: 

  1. Company info

  2. Leads

  3. Technologies

  4. Psychographic Data

  5. News feed

Company Information

The Company Information tab should give you the general overview of the target company: location, size, industry, technologies, etc., 

Leads tab

The Leads tab is where you get access to the contact details of the employees working in that organization.

You can filter the leads by clicking the filter option. 

In the filter option, you can select the kind of Decision Making Power and Function you’d like to get leads from. 

Once you click Apply, the extension will load the filtered leads. 

To unlock contact details, select the contacts you want to unlock. You can either Select All or choose individually. 

Click on the Unlock button. 

Next, you can choose to unlock either their email address or their phone number. If you want to unlock both, check both boxes. 

Unlocking emails will cost you 1 credit. Similarly, unlocking phone numbers will cost you 3 credits. You can keep a check on your available credits at the top of the extension window.

Once you click Continue, the selected contact details will be unlocked. 


The Technologies tab will show you the current tech stack being used by the target company. The tech stack is organized by their use case in different departments. 

For example, under FINANCE & ACCOUNTING, you can see the technologies being used by the finance department of the target company. 

Psychographic Data

Under the Psychographics tab, you will have access to all topics being discussed by the target company. 

All terms and phrases are organized by individual departments. And so, you can gain insights into conversations that are unique to each department. 


The Newsfeed will show you all important updates around the target company. This can include funding updates, product launches, acquisitions, and leadership changes, among others. 

And you’re done! To learn more about Slintel’s Chrome Extension: click here