This article will show you how to export contact details to your email address, Salesforce, and Outreach. 

We’ll be using Slintel’s Chrome Extension to export the details. If you haven’t installed the extension, you can get it here

Step #1

Click on the search bar and enter the name of a company whose contacts you want to export. 

Step #2

Next, click on the People tab. It should be the first option below the search bar.  

Step #3

Once you're in the People tab, click on Slintel’s Chrome Extension on your toolbar. 

Step #4

You can either choose to export contacts individually, or you can select the Select All option. 

If you select the Select All option, it will export the contact details of all profiles currently on your screen. Generally, of the total search results, LinkedIn shows a list of 10 profiles per page.

Step #5

You can only export the contact details once you’ve unlocked them, If you’d like to learn how to do that: click here

If you’ve unlocked the desired contacts, click on the Export button. 

Step #6

You will get a list of export options. 

Step #7

Exporting to Email 

If you click on Email, the contact details will be sent to your registered email address. 

Once the email is sent, you will receive an “Email Sent!” notification. 

Exporting to Salesforce

You can also export the contact details to your Salesforce by clicking on the Salesforce option. 

You can export the details as either Leads or Contacts, depending on your Salesforce lead export configuration. 

Once you choose the appropriate option, click Export. You will receive a notification on top once the export is complete. 

Exporting to Outreach

If you'd like to export the contact details to your Outreach account, click on the Outreach option. 

You can add the prospects to the sequence in Outreach directly from the Chrome extension by selecting the appropriate sequence name from the drop-down menu. Similarly, you can also add Tags. You can enter a maximum of three tags and a character limit of 250. 

Click Export once you type in the appropriate details. 

Next, it will show you the number of contact details that will be exported to Outreach. Click Export

You will receive a notification on top once the export is complete.

And you’re done! To learn more about Slintel’s Chrome Extension: click here