Once you’re done configuring your Outreach integration, you can start mapping Outreach fields with Slintel. Doing this will ensure that the information transferred from Slintel shows up accurately on Outreach.

1. Click the Field Mapping tab. You will see all Slintel fields for Prospects and Account here. You will have to map the same with the corresponding Outreach fields. 

If you have opted to not sync Accounts with Prospects in the Configuration stage, you should ideally work on ‘Prospect Mapping’.

2. Field Mapping for Prospects/Account gives you the following options for each field:

  • You can overwrite your existing Outreach data with Slintel data

  • You can choose to fill your Outreach fields only when they are blank in Outreach



3. Email mapping: For Prospect Emails, you have an additional option to populate this field ONLY when the email has  A+ or A and A+ email confidence grade (see below). 

4. Phone Number mapping: Click Edit next to Phone Number.

You can select either a direct dial or work phone to map in Outreach. You can assign priority to each type of number. Slintel will send only one type of number. This is based on phone type availability and priority order.


5. Technology mapping: You have the option to see technographic data directly in Outreach. Select whether you want to see all technologies or select particular technologies that a company uses. To do this, click the ‘Edit’ button beside the Technology field. This will open up a settings pop-up. 


This option allows you to map selected technologies and categories/all technologies that you want to see on your Outreach account. 

  • ‘Map all technologies’ will show you all the technologies for that particular Prospect/Account on Outreach. 

  • ‘Select technologies’  lets you select the broad sub-category or particular technologies that the company uses. 

Filters can help you narrow down your search and let you add only companies with the criteria you need. They include:

  1. Last detected- This is the last detected date for the particular technology/category

  2. Tech source- The source from where the technology was detected. These include:

    1. Jobs

    2. Digital Footprint

    3. Human Curated

    4. People Work Summary

Tech confidence: Slintel gives you a technology confidence score that tells you how sure we are about the company using that particular technology/category.

You can further choose which fields you want to see on your CRM. Only the fields you select here will be sent to your Outreach account for the technologies/sub-categories you have selected. They include:

  1. Technology

  2. Confidence score

  3. Last detected

  4. Tech source


Once done, click Save to save your preferences for technologies. Once you finish the mapping, you’ll be able to see this data in Outreach.



6. Keyword mapping: Similar to Technologies, you can select subcategory or exact keywords along with the filters as mentioned in Technologies.

Keyword confidence: Slintel gives you a keyword confidence score that tells you how sure we are about the company using/is related to the keyword. 


7. Tags mapping: Slintel has a Tags field for Prospects that can be mapped to the corresponding Tags assigned to leads existing in Outreach. If a prospect already exists in Outreach and the record is again being pushed, then append will add the current tag to the last. Currently, this field mapping is exclusive for Prospect data. 

8. Resync: In case you have created a new custom field in Outreach after integration with Slintel and you are unable to see the field in the drop-down then just click on the Resync button. This will allow Slintel to get the latest list of fields present in your Outreach account.

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