Slintel is a buyer intelligence platform and helps B2B customers find companies and decision-makers with the highest likelihood to buy from them. 

Slintel gathers insights from publicly available sources or from our vendor network and surfaces this information to customers who have a legitimate business interest to reach out to these contacts. Also, Slintel limits access to business emails and phone numbers gathered to only those customers who have a reasonable need to come into contact with that information to provide products or services to do their jobs. 

We have done a purpose, necessity, and balancing test under legitimate interests and only provide the information we believe is necessary for our customers to reach out to their prospects.  Our customers agree to take reasonable effort to protect the data that is being shared and use this for internal purposes for the provision of their services. All of the information provided is to be used for business purposes only. 

Slintel has undertaken an internal legal review to ensure compliance with local and global laws and has conducted a legitimate interests assessment to be able to provide this data to their B2B customers who have a need to get in touch with these contacts.  Slintel also recommends our customers abide by GDPR best practices and seek consent first when reaching out to EU residents/citizens.

Information on our opt-out mechanisms and privacy policy

Slintel provides an 'opt-out' mechanism on the website for individuals who do not want to be part of the directory. Such individuals can find the opt-out link on Slintel's website here.

The opt-out page provides individuals with two options: 

1. Request Access to Collected Data: Individuals can access what business contact information has been collected by Slintel

2. Request Removal from Slintel: Individuals can request the Slintel to purge their business contact information from the Slintel Directory

All of the Company’s privacy policies are available on this link.