With Smart Lists, you can also enrich additional information about a list of companies that you already have. 

  1. To create a new list, click the +Create Smart List button on the List page

  2. Here, give a name to your company list, and select Company from the List Type drop-down. Once done, click Create.

  1. To add or enrich the companies, either drag and drop a CSV file with the data, or click Upload. NOTE: PLEASE DO DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLE CSV FILE TO KNOW WHAT INFORMATION TO PROVIDE IN THE CSV. 

  1. Click the Sample CSV hyperlink to download the sample. The CSV has two columns you have to fill: company_domain/company_name. Once filled in, upload the same sheet again on the dashboard. Once uploaded, you will see Map CSV Columns to Slintel Fields. Click on Next.  

  1. Map the respective fields and click Next. Once you map the CSV columns to Slintel fields, a new smart list with enriched insights will be created.


  1. You can further specify the kind of leads you want to discover on Slintel. If you want, you can click the Exclude Past Exports toggle button. Turning this on will exclude all records that were originally exported from the Slintel database from being enriched. Click Done.


  1. A new list will be created. You can also use additional filters like Company Location, Source, Added Date Range, and Companies with Contacts to narrow down the list for your search criteria.