Once a Company smart list has been created, you have the option to pick and choose the companies from the Slintel dashboard that will be saved under that list. 

  1. To create a new list, click the +Create Smart List button on the List page

  2. Here, give a name to your company list, and select Company from the List Type drop-down. Once done, click Create.

  1. To create lists from Slintel’s dashboard, click the Add Companies button, or click +Companies to get the same option. 

  1. When you click  Add Companies, it will take you to the Company tab, where you can select your filters, and add companies to the list you have just created. Click Add to list and select the list you want to add these companies to. 

  1. If you want some companies to be excluded from your prospecting, you can add them to the Exclusion list while adding them to the Company Smart List. 

Check out our Exclusion Lists article to understand how this feature works.

  1. You also have the option of creating a list directly from the Company tab. Simply select your filters, click on Add to Lists-> Create a new list. Give your list a name, and you can start adding companies to that list.


  1. You can view the companies that you just added to the Company smart list by going back to the Lists page. The populated list will appear under the Smart Lists tab.

  1. You can slice your Company Lists even further using additional filters available directly on the Company page. These include:

  • Company Location

  • Source

  • Company with Leads

  • You can even select a date range that will show you the companies that have been added to the list according to the date selected. Hence, if you only want to see the companies you added a week ago, and not after that, you can select the date range and view the companies right there without any hassle.