In this article, you will learn how to add companies to a smart list from Slintel’s database. 

Step #1

First, you need to create a Company smart list; you can learn how to do that here

If you have a smart list in place, move along to Step #2. 

Step #2

Click on the Lists tab on your Slintel Dashboard.

Next, under Add companies from Slintel’s database, click Add Companies. This will take you to the Companies tab. 

Step #3

Once you’re in the Companies tab, click on Add to list

You have two options: you can either select individual companies, or you can add all companies to the list. 

Click on Add for either option. 


Step #4

Select a smart list from the drop down you’d like to add these companies to. Next, click Add

Note: If you want some companies to be excluded from your prospecting, you can add them to the Exclusion list while adding them to the Company Smart List. Check out our Exclusion Lists article to understand how this feature works.

Step #5

Go to the Lists tab on your Slintel dashboard and you’ll see the companies are now added to the selected smart list. 

Click on the desired list. 

Step #6

You now have your Company smart list. You can slice this list even further using additional filters. 

Note: Downloading this list or exporting  CRM will cost you 1 credit per company. 

And you’re done! To learn more about Lists, click here