Slintel’s database of insights is mapped between contacts, companies, and technologies to give users a holistic idea of the keywords, customers, and tech stack that a company uses. 

It also gives you deep insights into the companies that are using particular software and highlights upcoming contract renewals.

Apart from updating its data every week, Slintel also uses 15+ different sources to track tech footprint across the internet. Here are some of the unique sources from which Slintel gets its data:

  • Web Patterns

    • Slintel Advantage: Unique technology pattern identification

      • HTML    

      • Login pages

      • Jobs

      • Work history

      • Testimonials & Case studies

      • News etc.

    • NLP on unstructured data: Named entity recognition for extracting patterns 

  • Adoption/Churn Trends - Captured over time

    • Discover companies that recently started/stopped using a tool

  • Contract Intelligence

    • Discover companies that are coming up for renewal with your competitor

Slintel measures coverage & accuracy and computes confidence scores for every technology. We also have a technographics analysis team that works on pattern research, as well as a data engineering team that continually works on data extraction and analysis. Beyond this, Slintel also has a manual QA team to perform dipstick tests on the data before it’s published.