Found a lead on our platform for which we don’t have data yet? Our Insta Reveal feature is here to save you! Use the “Insta-Reveal” option right next to the lead on the Leads tab, or the individual lead details page, to look up contact information on the Internet. 

This will be available for both email and phone. Every time someone clicks on the “Insta Reveal” button, we do an API call to see if the contact data is available or not. If it is, it will get revealed instantly. 

Using Insta Reveal on Leads tab:

1. Log into your Slintel dashboard

2. Go to the Leads tab, and apply your filters or look for a lead from the search bar

3. Once you find the lead you want details for, simply click on the phone icon to check whether they already have a phone number. If they don’t, you’ll be able to see the option to “Insta Reveal Phone Number”. Similarly for their email address, clicking on the email icon will give you the option to Insta Reveal their email address.

Using Insta Reveal on Leads Details Page:

Once you find a lead you want contact details for from Step #2 from above, you can also go to the lead details page to find this information. Clicking on the lead’s name will take you to their lead details page. Here, if the phone number is not available yet, you can click on “Insta Reveal Phone Number” to find out if there is a phone number attached to the lead.

If we do not find any information about the lead even after you click “Insta Reveal”, no credits will be deducted. 

Happy Selling!