We have over 20+ individual filters for companies, leads, and jobs because sometimes, one or two filters just don’t cut it. Sometimes, to find leads for your ideal persona or companies, you need to use multiple criteria. If you haven’t, check out the first help article: How to Search and Apply Filters. And now that you’ve learned how to search and apply filters for companies, leads, and jobs, let’s see how you can use multiple criteria in one filter search, and how to save these under “Saved Filters” so that you can come back to them later. 

Let’s say you are looking for the following criteria and want to create two saved filters based on the below:

Filter #1

  • Should be a pharma company

  • Leads must be from the US

  • High and Medium decision-making levels

  • Lead titles: Channel Marketing, Channel Sales, VP/Director Sales, CMO/VP Marketing

  • Using Salesforce CRM


Filter #2 


  • All of the above but leads from companies that don’t use Salesforce CRM


Prefer video? Watch this short video to understand this process better:

Let’s see how we can input these filters and try to find leads from the above criteria:

  1. Log into your Slintel dashboard

  2. Since we are looking for leads directly, go to the Leads tab

  1. Once here, apply the below filters (set according to the above mentioned criteria)

Filter #1

  1. Since we are looking for ONLY Pharma companies, we can go about this two ways:

    1. For a broader search, select Healthcare and Lifesciences under the Sector filter, and for a narrower search and exact match, select Industry as Pharmaceuticals

  1. Select Location  as United States

  1. Set Decision Making Level  as High and Medium

  1. Since we want lead titles like Channel Marketing, Channel Sales, VP/Director Sales, CMO/VP Marketing, we need to apply two filters: one filter under Function, that will determine which function the lead is working in, in this case, Sales and Marketing. Additionally, since we are looking for VP, Director and CMO titles, let's enter these under the Lead Title filter. 

  1. Since we only want leads from companies that are currently using Salesforce, under the filter Technologies Currently Used, select Salesforce CRM.

Filter #2

  1. Select the same filters from above, except for the last filter. Under Technologies Currently Used, select a “not filter” for Salesforce. To Apply a “not filter”, enter Salesforce in the search box, and click on the red button that appears when you hover over it. Now you’ll see all companies that are not using Salesforce CRM for Filter #2.

4. To save these filters for future use, just click on “Save Filter” and give this filter a name. And, you’re done!