Slintel has 250M+ leads in its database, and we have verified and semi-verified email addresses and direct phones for them.  

On the Lead Insights tab, you'll see different toggles for emails and direct phones. For email, we have toggles for differences in email confidence grade, and for phones, a simple toggle for all leads with phone numbers (work or otherwise). 

Below are the grades for both email and direct phones:

Email toggle options

  • Off: All leads 
  • B: Emails with moderate confidence that have passed 1 level of validation 
  • A: Emails with 10-20% bounce rate that have passed 2 levels of validation
  • A+: Emails with less than 10% bounce rate that have passed 3 levels of validation.

Direct phone toggle options

  • Off: All leads 
  • All: All leads with phone numbers

What do we mean by confidence grades? 

Confidence grades for emails is a tag for email addresses that have low bounce rates. The difference between these emails and normal emails is that we refresh the data for high-confidence emails every month and keep removing email addresses that bounce. 

Where can I see these?

Step 1: Log into your Slintel dashboard and go to the Leads page. 

Step 2: Select the filters from the left side filters menu or select one of your pre-saved filters.

Step 3: Once you have all the filters in place, you'll be able to see corresponding leads. On the top right you'll see a toggle button for Leads with email. 

Step 4: Once you toggle the button to the grade you choose, you'll only see email addresses with that grade. You can also see this grade once inside a Lead page

Step 5: You'll also see toggle options for Leads with direct phones. To only see leads with phone numbers, you can toggle the button to ALL.

And you're done!