This article will show you how to unlock the contact details of single profiles through LinkedIn. 

We’ll be using Slintel’s Chrome Extension to unlock the details. If you haven’t installed the extension, you can get it here

Let’s get started. 

Unlocking a Single Profile on LinkedIn

Step 1

Click on the search bar and enter the name of a person. Click on their name from the search result to open up their profile page.

Step 2

Once you're on the person’s profile, click on Slintel’s Chrome Extension on your toolbar to open it.

If you don’t find it in the toolbar, it should be under the Extensions button. 

Step 3

Once the Slintel Chrome Extension window opens up, click on the Unlock button. Unlocking emails and phone numbers will cost you 1 creditYou can keep a check on your available credits at the top of the extension window.

Step 4

Voila! You’ve now unlocked the email address and phone number for the profile. 

And you're done! If you want to see how to unlock multiple profiles, check out this article.