1. What are Chrome Extension credits?

Slintel's Chrome Extension credits can be used for unlocking contact data on LinkedIn profiles through the Chrome Extension. They're different from Slintel credits which can be used to access data on any of the 193M+ leads available in the Slintel database.

  1. How do I get these credits?

If you are not a paid user, you automatically get 100 credits on sign up. If you are a paid Slintel user, you can ask a CSM (Customer Success Manager) to assign you credits based on your needs.

  1. What if I want additional credits?

If you are a paid Slintel user, you can reach out to your CSM. If you're a free user, chat with us about your needs. We'll be launching a referral plan really soon that you can game to get more credits so stay tuned!

  1. How are the credits deducted?

We will charge you 1 credit for an email unlock and 3 credits for a direct dial (phone number). 

  1. I unlocked a profile but only the lead's email was available. How many credits will I be charged?

We will charge you only for the information we can find. So in this situation, we'll charge you only for the email (1 credit).