Filters aren't the only way you can pull up a list of companies and leads in Slintel. You can use boolean operators and search terms alongside filters to pull up a list of leads, companies, and technologies on the Companies and Leads page. Here's how:

1. Log into your Slintel Dashboard

2. Go to either the Company or Leads page. You can use the search box to search with terms:

  • For the nearest text match, you can just type in any search term pertaining to lead or company name. For example, “Walmart Labs” will give you any company with Walmart or labs in it.

  • For the exact text match, enclose the search terms in quotes. For example, "Walmart Labs" will give you results that have the full-text string Walmart Labs in them.

  • Use boolean operators "+" for AND, "|" for OR, "-" for NOT operations respectively. For example:

  • For AND operator, "Taleo+Salesforce" will give you results for both Taleo and Salesforce

  • For OR operator, "Taleo|Salesforce|Drift " will allow you to look for more than 2 keywords

  • For NOT operator, "-Taleo" will give you results for everything except for "Taleo"