On the Leads page, you might have noticed a tab that says 'Pending action'. Pending Actions help you identify leads on which you haven’t worked yet and saves you duplication efforts. Leads in this tab are leads that showed up as a result of your filters but you haven't exported them yet. 

This way, you’re not wasting time and credits on the leads you’ve worked on before. 

To make use of this, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your Slintel dashboard

  2. On your dashboard, go to the “Leads” page

  1. Select the filters you want, and it will show you the total number of leads on the first tab. 

The ones you haven’t exported yet will show up in the “Pending Actions” tab. 

  1. If you export any of these leads, the number in the “Pending Actions” tab will reduce depending upon your exports. 

  2. You can save time by using this feature with “Saved filters”. Just select your already saved filters, and click on “Pending Actions” and export. You won't have duplicate leads and you'll also save credits!