Slintel’s Salesforce integration enables you to quickly transfer leads, contacts, and accounts from your Slintel dashboard to the popular CRM software. Let's see how you can connect your Salesforce account to Slintel.

The first step is to authorize Slintel to use your Salesforce account. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Log in to your Slintel account.

  2. Go to Settings and click on the Integration button. Then, select Salesforce from the drop-down menu and click on Connect.

  1. Clicking on the Connect button will open the Salesforce login page and prompt you to enter your credentials unless you’re logged into Salesforce or have it open in another tab already. 

  1. If the login page opens up, enter your credentials and click on the login buttonThis will authorize Slintel's request to connect with your Salesforce account. 

  2. Once authorized, you will need to install two custom field packages for your account. 

    1. The first is a Mandatory Fields Package. These fields are used to remove duplicate records during the update and enrich operation. These will NOT be shown on your Salesforce layout and is mandatory to be downloaded for Slintel to update your records with Salesforce on the back-end. Please do download this package ONCE.  

    2. The second is the Slintel Custom Fields Package. This lets you create custom fields on the Salesforce instances for all fields on Slintel. All these can be mapped so that you don’t interfere with the already existing Salesforce fields, and so that Slintel’s fields can be kept separate for your perusal. This is NOT a mandatory package that needs to be installed. You can install this if you want to create custom fields from Slintel to Salesforce

  3. Once you have downloaded the Mandatory and the Custom fields, you have to click on Validate to help us confirm whether the fields have been successfully installed on your Salesforce instances.

And you're connected!

Next Step: Configure.